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Home Safe Reviews- Solid and Affordable Security

These home safe reviews will take a look at a few popular models that are produced by some of the top selling safe manufacturers on the market, such as Sentry safe, Barska and First Alert. Here we will tell you what you need to look for in a safe, what your options are and we’ll also provide you with information on how these models performed, based on reviews that were made by real consumers that have actually used and purchased these products.

There are several options to choose from when it comes to home security and safes, such as the very high tech to the simple and demure wall safes. If you’re someone that’s in the market for a safe, you are typically looking for something solid, easy to use and long lasting, generally speaking, something dependable that provides security. Whatever the main reason you’re in the market for a safe, rest assured that there are several options to choose from.

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With so many options available, you’d be hard pressed not to find exactly the kind you need. Some safes tend to be a little cumbersome and you’ll need to be careful to take the proper measurements at home prior to making a purchase, in order to determine if you can get the safe through the front door or up a flight of stairs. This part can be especially crucial if you live in a small home or an apartment complex.

There are essentially two main reasons a person will decide to purchase a safe: protection from theft or protection from fire. All safes will vary in the degrees of how they can protect against elements such as water and fire damage, height damage and intrusion. Having a wall safe or other type of hidden safe can really help to add to the security aspect and will also help to save floor space.

Home safes will offer a larger variety of locking mechanisms from retinal scan to biometric. The biometric models are a great choice for gun safes, as long as you purchase a high quality model as the lesser quality models can tend to be frustrating to open, especially when you’re in a hurry, as they are highly sensitive to the way you apply your fingerprint.

Here we take a look at both basic home safes in addition to the more technologically advanced biometric models that are popular with consumers.

First Alert 2096DF Home Safe Review

First Alert 2096DFThe first model we take a look at is produced by First Alert. This particular model is both waterproof and fireproof, allowing for the safe to withstand the flames for a period of over an hour and it can also withstand being submerged in water, with the safe’s seal acting as a flotation device, which will make it easier for you to spot and recover, in the event of flooding. Tested by many independent labs, the safe is able to preserve and protect all kinds of electronic media, guns, ammo, jewelry and documents. This model was actually rated five out of five stars by consumers who loved the added security features it had to offer and its durability and ease of use.

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Sentry Safe SFW123DSB Home Safe Review

SentrySafe SFW123DSBIn this review of a top selling model produced by Sentry Safe, we take a look at what this safe can do, the features it has to offer and why this is such a popular model with consumers. This safe offers a large sized cabinet that allows you to store jewelry, guns, books, ammo, CDs and all kinds of electronic media storage devices and accessories. It’s a larger model so potential buyers should keep this in mind, if space is an issue. Extra security measures have been taken to conceal the seams on the safe, helping to deter potential theft.

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Barska Biometric Home Safe Review

Barska Biometric SafeThe last safe we review is produced by Barska and is a biometric safe. A biometric safe works by the user applying their fingerprint to the key panel, as opposed to entering in a code or using a key. This particular model allows you to save up to 30 different fingerprints, which can also help the main user in terms of entering in several fingerprints for themselves as most biometric safes are highly sensitive to the way you place your finger on the key panel. This model is 16 inches wide and large enough to store guns, ammo, important documents and electronic media devices. You’ll need just four double A batteries to keep it running and in the event that the batteries die the company supplies the owner with two keys.

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SFW205CWB SentrySafe Review

SentrySafe SFW205CWB_ComboTake a look at the SFW205CWB by SentrySafe, which weighs in at 138 pounds and features six large, one inch bolts. Water and fire proof, you can find some peace of mind knowing that your valuables will be protected, thanks to this high quality model. This safe is also strong enough to withstand a two story drop. This type of protection is used in order to prevent a thief from attempting to break into the safe by dropping it from a great height. For additional security you can also choose to bolt this model to the floor. Mounting hardware is included.

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SFW123FUL SentrySafe Review

Sentrysafe sfw123FULThe SFW123FUL by SentrySafe is a model that received a high rating from consumers. This mid-sized safe can protect your valuables from both water and fire damage and features pry resistant hinges, which are designed to prevent an intruder from attempting to crack your safe. The model’s keypad is backlit, so you won’t have to turn on a light, if you’re attempting to access your safe due to an intruder. The safe’s batteries can be easily accessed by sliding them out of a panel located on the side of the keypad. Strong enough to withstand a drop of fifteen feet, this powerful safe can provide you with the type of security you need for storing your valuables and firearms.

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H3300 SentrySafe Review

Sentrysafe H3300The H3300 by SentrySafe is a smaller model that’s designed to offer the same type of protection you can expect from a mid-sized model. If you don’t have much room, this safe is the perfect choice. If you have a number of important documents that need to be stored, you can use the hanging folders and take advantage of the built-in frame specifically designed for this purpose. Aside from storing your documents, you can also use the H3300 to store and protect passports, jewelry, and other small items.

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Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe Review

Barska Biometric with Quick Access Rifle SafeThis Barska rifle safe is able to safely store up to four rifles. The safe features a digital fingerprint reader for security. Able to store up to 120 fingerprints, this type of technology allows you to access your firearms in an emergency. Featuring a three point deadlocking system, the safe beeps when opened, in order to alert you when it has been accessed. You can also change the setting to stealth mode, in order to silence it in the event of a break in.

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Barska Large Biometric Safe Review

Barska Large Biometric SafeThis model by Barska is made out of sixteen gauge steel and features three deadlocking bolts. Also included is a fingerprint scanner for quick and easy access into your safe in the event of an emergency. The spacious interior contains two shelves that are removable, where you can store your smaller items such as credit cards, jewelry or your passport. The predrilled mounting holes make this model easy to mount and will prevent an intruder from carrying off your safe. Also included is an internal and external battery pack, with the battery life lasting around two years, depending on how frequently you enter your safe.

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